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About Me

My name is Taylur. I am a young, working-class entrepreneur who is also crazy about my health and fitness! I have been in law enforcement for 5 years, starting off as a State Trooper in Mississippi and eventually moving on to become a Federal Agent in Los Angeles, CA. As an athlete from childhood, I have always looked for ways to stay in shape. Throughout school and college, it was easy for me to depend on sports and the military to keep me accountable. After transitioning into my career, I turned to bodybuilding in 2016 and have since competed twice and am on my journey to competing again. Aside from the fitness, just 1 short year after transitioning to Los Angeles, many life obstacles stood in my way but yet I decided that I  was ready to start investing in myself in other ways than just career and fitness. So, I tapped into my entrepreneurial side. I bought an investment property, franchised my very own Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Gym and got to work all within a 4-month time frame. With no help or business partners, I decided to take the risks by believing in myself and my ability to be successful in both real estate and the studio fitness industry.

What I can do for you

The Process

Now, I want to share the journey with you DURING the process rather than showing off the “glitz and glamour” after the process. My purpose is to show you the real side of what business is while still working full-time and staying healthy. I want to show you that it is possible to do all 3 and still remain “sane.” This lifestyle is not easy and its not for the weak. The reward is far more valuable than I can see. I hope that you will follow along for the journey, learn from and with me, and ultimately take the leap of your own into a bright and successful future, whatever that may be.

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